Transfer a Blog Post to Facebook Business Page

How to Announce Your Post on Your FB Page

If you ever need to announce on your Facebook business page that you’ve just published a post on your blog, here’s how to go about it:

Pushing a post to your FB page takes these steps:

1. copy the URL of the blog post
2. go to your FB page
3. write your FB post, which in this case would be something about the blog post that will attract people to go see it
4. when you’ve written your stuff, drop down a line and paste in your URL (Control-V to paste or right click).
5. let FB churn through the URL and find pics.
6. Post when you’re happy with it.
7. you can always edit it too, for the first half hour or so

Optional: create a FB post image using Canva and choosing the FB post template. You can upload the same pic you used in the blog post but make it look great and add some text, be creative.

hope this helps!

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