Things to Consider in a New Website


Have a sense of what it is you are trying to sell and why someone should want to buy it. Be able to say this in a sentence or brief paragraph.

Domain Name

What do you want to call the website? You could use your personal name, a business name or a concept name.


Provide a brief bio that highlights your work and personal background in whatever way you think will be relevant to the services you are selling. Be personable and interesting.


Describe what it is you do, what you sell, how you provide it, who you make it available to. What makes your services interesting, different and better?


How do you want people to contact you? the simplest is a contact form on the website that links through to your email (your email address won’t be shown in the form). Do you want to provide a phone number? Will you show your email address on the website? Do you want to use your personal email or create one with the website, e.g.,

Website Design

The website will be created using WordPress which is the most popular blogging platform. WordPress uses themes which give your website its overall appearance. Have a look at themes here:

Studiopress Themes

Choose a few that you like. All of these can be customized in every way possible so figure out which one has the overall look you like.

Some good themes for a service business are:

  • Beautiful Pro
  • Agency Pro
  • Outreach Pro

All of these themes will render properly on mobile devices.


Write the content for each page:

  • Home
  • About
  • Services
  • Contact

Writing rules for the internet

  • Write in your own voice, not formal or jargon
  • keep paragraphs short, 3 sentences max, 1 is fine
  • use bullets for lists
  • if you have more than three paragraphs use headings


Provide as many pictures and videos as you can. Have a good picture for your about page and include some action pictures (dancing, meetings, conference etc). Include some pictures for your Services page.

Blog Posting

Decide whether you will write regularly on your website. It’s a good idea but might not be what you want to do.

Social Media

Strongly consider a Facebook business page, but only if you are going to tend to it, i.e., post on a regular basis. Business pages are separate from your personal profile or timeline. Page admins are anonymous and you could have Yellowbird, for instance, help with posting and management and no one would actually see who is doing the posting. Business pages show you statistics on who is looking at your stuff. First Nations people use FB a lot so if you are into maintaining a presence there you’ll gain an audience. You can also boost posts very cheaply to get word out further.

Linkedin is also very important but from a business networking perspective. Create a business page so people can find you.

Facebook and Linkedin may not be interesting to you but having a business page on each is important from a search engine point view. They both point at your website and make it easier for people to find your website.

Website Analytics

I set up analytics code that monitors site visits, what sites they arrived from, where they are located, etc. You’ll get a pdf report every week that shows what’s happening.

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