Show What Others Say About You

Let readers know that your business does what it says it will and there are folks out there who will stand up for you.

“I found Bill’s positive outlook and dedication to his work to be great assets as I worked along with Bill providing professional forestry consulting services to Tembec. Bill would tackle any challenge with balance, logic and enthusiasm.” May 4, 2012

Norm FraserSenior Forest Technologist, Ktunaxa Kinbasket Development Corporation

Testimonials Are Social Proof Of Your Service’s Value

“Bill worked with First Nations communities in the Cariboo Chilcotin region to deliver Silviculture services within their traditional territories. Bill’s role included building joint venture partnerships with these communities and providing econonic development opportunities. His company was one of the few that delivered what they promised.” April 25, 2012

Titi KunkelAboriginal Community and Economic Development Program Coordinator, University of Northern British Columbia


Kennedy Forest & Safety Consultants

“My business has been steadily growing over the last four years, but I was wanting to expand it further outside of the Cariboo area maybe provicially. I didn’t really understand the social media aspect of marketing, I spent money on advertising in the newspapers and had a few stories about my business in published magazines. It wasn’t until I met Bill Layton, BizVisible, that things really started to take off for me.

“Bill has worked with me to create a website that draws potential clients to contact me. Since the launch of my Webpage, I have expanded my client base by 15%. Bill also created a Facebook fanpage, Twitter account, and other business directories that I post comments on regularily. Bis Visible has become an inspiration to myself and my company, I am excited about where my business has gone and continues to go since I met Bill Layton. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, just give Bill a call!”

Craig Kennedy



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