Social Networks and Small Business

Make Your Business Social

There are other ways to make use of social networks besides Facebook, and as you develop your web presence you should also look to creating accounts in these as well. Here is a list of where to start:

Building A Web Presence with Social Media

Social Media accounts are an essential part of creating a successful web presence for your business. They provide valuable links back to your website and are often the means by which searchers find your business.

Facebook Local Pages

Facebook Local Pages are a great fit for any business because they are visible to the community inside Facebook, but also visible (and ranked in search) outside of Facebook. For you they represent a means of drawing a wider audience into the your community.

Twitter to Broadcast Your Posts

Twitter accounts can be linked to your website and Facebook page and they also generate valuable backlinks. Your Twitter account has plenty of posts but an assistant could spend time adding followers and following others each week. You should be over 1000 of each in a month.

Google+ For Your Business

A Google+ Business Page is also essential because Google search engine dominates the search engine so completely. Google+ also lets you create “Hangouts” where you can have live webinar-like events and add people as they come along… have yourself an online talk show.

Youtube Channel For Visual Content

Youtube channels are also a fantastic way to get visual content into the mainstream. A Youtube channel is optimized like your other streams, except your videos can be embedded into others’ sites and thus go “viral”. You want to gain as much viewership as possible on your channel.

Linkedin Connections May Be Most Valuable Player

An intelligently constructed Linkedin profile may be the best player on your team, depending on your industry. On Linkedin you can:

  • build a network of people truly interested in what you are doing,
  • create a profile for your company with links back to the website,
  • post to your wall whenever you have a reason to drive traffic,
  • join groups from your industry segment and use them for traffic, support and generating ideas,
  • show recommendations (same as testimonials) on your profile from clients or colleagues,
  • advertise to specific industry groups.

Building a Social Media Presence That Works

The whole focus of

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