Business Directories for Small Business

Smart Easy Backlinks for Your Website

Getting your website listed on other websites is part of Casting a Wider Net.

Customers Look Online First

This chart is from and it shows you how most “shoppers” spend most of their time researching on the internet.

Clients and customers look on internet for product research

One of the easiest ways to do this is to make use of free business listings. I’m talking about sites like:


Each one of these sites allows you to create a free business listing including your website address. When Google crawls the site looking for new listings it will see the link to your site and then come and crawl your site as well.

Most directories make you categorize your business. For example, Sevett Industries is categorized as “Lumber Products Manufacturer”.  This helps search engines decide what kind of business you are.

How to Create Your Free Directory Listing

Here’s how to create your listings and how to choose which sites to use:

  1. go to Google and do a search for your business type or pick a phrase you think a potential customer would use to find you (like “sushi restaurant” or “environmental consultant” or “home construction”
  2. get a pad and pen
  3. have a good look at the first few pages of results and make a list of the top ten or 20 directory sites
  4. go to each site and look for the free listing link (hint: it might be hiding at the bottom of the page!)
  5. click on the free listing link and follow instructions (have your website URL ready)
  6. be prepared to look in your email for a confirmation email
  7. follow instructions in the confirmation email
  8. you’re done, although in some cases you may wait for approval or even a phone call
Next we’ll look at some individual directory sites.

Below is an example of a listing I created for Sevett Industries in Quesnel, BC

As you can see, the listing includes a map from Google Maps and allows you to upload an image (this listing is missing an image). allows you to include even more detail, all of which tells search engines about your website and business:

detail of business listing in directory

Notice that in you can also write your own business description. Remember to include useful search phrases in your description as in the “About” section above.

The paper version of Yellowpages may be going extinct but the online version is awesome for your business! is PageRank 8, meaning it is one of the most popular sites on the net.  Having a profile on Yellowpages gives your website and web presence a major bump!

shows listing for kennedy forest & safety consultants of Williams Lake

Conclusion: Business Directories Bump Your Biz

Let free business directories pump your business’ tires! All it takes is some time to create the listings. The process often involves getting an email after you submit your information, then clicking a link in the email to confirm the listing.

Some directories will call you back hoping to convert you to a paid listing. Don’t be insulted or shocked, and if you don’t want to pay just stick to your guns and go with the free listing.

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