Linkedin Company Pages For Your Business

Join the Largest Network of Business Professionals

Linkedin company pages are essential to completing your web presence. They form one of the four foundations, along with

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Business Listings

Linkedin takes a little more work than the other sites, mostly because you need to spend the time to make your own profile complete. If you have employees or partners, make sure their profiles are complete too.

All of your organization’s profiles must link to the Linkedin Company Page. Easy to do, Linkedin will prompt you to link as you create your profile.

Take the time to create a 100% complete profile. Hit all the highs (and lows) of your career so  folks can see your total involvement. Create a network that includes folks from your industry as well as from your past positions.

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How to Create a LinkedIn Company Profile

1. Get Started

Go to If you don’t have an account make one, it is very easy; Fill in your first and last name, your preferred email and chosen password. LinkedIn offers a free basic membership plan and paid subscriptions; we will focus on the free basic membership only.

Make a profile

Now that you have an account, hover on the ‘Profile’ where a drop-down menu appears, then click ‘Edit Profile’. From there, you can make changes in your profile. Your profile displays important information to people about you or your business.

Add complete name

Always complete your profile. Don’t fail to include your full name on your profile. Do not use initials, nicknames or numbers. Do you want to deal with someone who don’t even have a decent-looking name? Then display your name complete as possible.

Add a profile picture

Upload your picture. Do not go without a photo. Very important! Choose pictures that best defines your professional looks; do not use silhouettes, black-and-white photographs, picture of your baby or pictures taken in a pub.

Make a headline

Customize your Headline. The headline draws attention from the reader about your purpose; you can notice this in newspapers. For your headline, keep it short, smart and concise; a simple glance in your headline gives people a quick idea on what your business do.

2. Add your experiences

Add your work history to the Experience section. Put there all the organizations, contracts and projects undertaken by your business, from past to present. Do put information on the Title, Location, Time Period and Description of each company.

Always customize your LinkedIn URL

Starting from your profile, click ‘Edit’ just below the ‘Improve your profile’ button. Scroll down on the right hand side, click the  ‘Customize your public profile URL’. Input your chosen URL; use your business name and services as a URL for example us.linkedin/in/lockheedmartinf35maker to quickly tell clients about your business and services.

Feature your website URL in LinkedIn

From the ‘Edit Profile’, click the ‘Edit’ next to the ‘Additional Information’ section. The first three selections allow you to enter your business website(s). Choose ‘other’ so you can put your own title instead of using the generic term ‘blog’.

Display awards in your profile

You can also put your interests, groups and associations, and honors and awards in your profile. Click ‘Edit’ in the ‘Additional Information’ section and put information on the Interests, Groups and Associations, and Honors and Awards. This is your chance to talk up your business; like accolades, awards, membership in exclusive associations and nationally-certified honors.

3. Expand your network

Connect to others

From the home page, invite others to connect with you by clicking the hyperlink ‘See more’ and selecting people you may know. You can accept invitations from other individuals to expand your network. Start with people you know well and connect to former and present colleagues, friends, clients and classmates too.

Joining a group

Joining groups allows you to network with like-minded people, and can help you better gain or share ideas.. Some groups are open, or others require approval of administrators before you become a member. Simply search for groups in the search box and click ‘Join’.

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Connect Twitter with your LinkedIn account

You can link your Twitter account with Linkedin so that posts or updates in Linkedin create Tweets. You can connect with 140 million active Twitter users. Twitter lets you create a profile as well and this and your tweets are great backlinks!

Using Twitter to improve your business

Increase your visibility and online profile by using Twitter. Make your tweets meaningful and worth reading. Always make sure to treat your Twitter account as an extension of your business.

4. Ask for recommendation

The power of recommendations

In your LinkedIn profile, click the hyperlink ‘+Ask for a recommendation’. Several nicely-written recommendations will impress clients, according to an article featured in Forbes. It can prompt potential clients to delve into your business. If you want to increase attention to your business, start procuring recommendations now.

Gaining meaningful recommendations

As a rule, ask recommendations only to people or businesses that you’ve worked with successfully. Write a letter and remind them of the business you’ve done together, and how you’d appreciate a recommendation; do not use generic letters provided by LinkedIn.

The difference between a generic vs. meaningful recommendation

Don’t be afraid to tell a colleague what kind of recommendation you need. You aren’t saying what to write, just providing some scope.

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