Five Things You Need to Be A Highly Visible Business

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There are 5 main things you need to create a highly visible web presence:

  1. Website
  2. Google+ page
  3. Facebook page
  4. Linkedin profile and page
  5. Business listings

What The Five Things Give Your Business

  1. A central selling place for your business
  2. A chance to create a community around your brand
  3. A wide variety of ways to get found in search

About the Five Things


Your website is your chance to present everything there is to present about your business.

  • Build it with WordPress,
  • write regular blog posts about your business
  • make sure search engines know exactly what business you are in
  • be clear about what products and services you offer
  • write interesting content
  • make it clear how to contact you
  • show off what your other clients think of you
  • offer something for free in exchange for the  chance to send newsletters and offers

Google+ Page

Google has a special place to list your business called Google+. This is a very social way to show off your business and it links directly to Google.
Google owns the search business so if you want folks to find you on the internet then you must show Google who and what you are.
Google+ is an amazing resource. Besides creating a listing for your business you can post pictures, videos, and updates about your business. You can also post links to your website, your twitter posts or your facebook page.

Facebook Company Page

Facebook also offers Company Pages that are very easy to set up. Facebook offers something quite different than Google though because Facebook is the number one social site in the world. It’s getting close to a billion members and I can guarantee you that most of your neighbours are already members.
Your company page can be found on Facebook when people search, but also on Google since they are visible to the world. To make the most of this visibility you should post regularly, have great pictures and otherwise engage your audience.
Facebook is one of the highest ranked sites in the world so having a company page there is great for your search results in Google too.

Linkedin Company Page is also one of the top-ranked sites in the world and is the only significant professional networking sites. If you are in business you must have a Linkedin profile and a Linkedin Company Page.
Linkedin Company Pages let you add all sorts of information about your business as well as links back to your website, your Twitter feed and any other sites you wish to highlight. Everyone in your organization should have a Linkedin profile stating that they are a part of your business. You can make them administrators, too, and they can share the job of posting links and participating in discussions on your behalf.

Business Listings

There are many, many business listing sites where you can fill out your information and get a free, detailed listing. Sites like Hotfrog,, and all let you create a listing and load up at least basic information like your website address, your business phone and address, and reviews of your business.
Backlinks are places on websites other than your own that have links to your website. For example, if a listing has a link to your website, that is a backlink. Google likes good backlinks and rewards you by putting you closer to the top of search results.

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