Google Plus for Your Business

Essential Facts about Google Plus

Google Plus is the latest Social Networking website on the Internet. It will eventually replace Google Places but for now both services exist.

Google+ provides similar capabilities to Facebook. You can place videos, pictures and links. They can also post updates and messages in their “stream”. The +1 button, which is similar to the Like button in Facebook, is used to recommend pages or updates to your friends.

Watch This Video About Google Plus by Google:

There are many reasons to get your business on Google Plus:

  • Google+ allows you to create a brand page for your business. This brand page allows business owners to market their businesses online for free.
  • Circles allow you to group your contacts and only share information as you wish. When you post an update, you choose which group of contacts to share that information with.
  • When users click the +1 button on your website content or on your Google+ page, contacts in your circles will see that content has been marked as important or helpful to another person reading your site. The number of +1’s will also show in your search results.


Why List Your Business With Google Places

Paper business directories aren’t dead yet… but they are heading that way slowly and surely.

There are lots of free online directories and I recommend using them. You should even consider some paid listings in certain industries.

But do NOT ignore the facts:

  • About 80% of the search for business is done online.
  • More than 97% of the consumers search for local businesses online before going for shopping.
  • Google is where at least 2/3 of all search takes place in the U.S., and closer to 90% in Canada
  • Google Places is a free business listing services
  • Google wants to know everything about your business so it can serve it up in results!

What is Google Places?

Google launched Google Places in 2010 as a means for businesses to extend their online presence beyond their business website.

Google Places is a free web page which assembles all aspects of your busines, including

  • your location and operating area
  • customer reviews
  • industry segment
  • other business information

Google Places is one of the biggest online business directories.

Get Your Business Listed

Google Places may already have listed your business for you. To find out, search in Google for your business name. If you show up to the right of search results with a little map you’ll know you have a listing. You should “Claim Your Listing” and fill out the appropriate information.

Benefits of Listing Your Business in Google Places

Google tries to figure out your location and serve up search results that are relevant to your location.

With a Places listing you’ll show up at the top of the page with a map and more information than is possible in a search result. The details displayed are the exact details the searcher is looking for, including a local address and phone number.

Searchers who like your Google Places listing in search may well use this as a way to get to your webpage.

Upload Interesting Content to Your Listing

You can add photos and online videos to show potential clients how their business works. Clients can write reviews, providing social proof of the value of your products or services.

Your administation screen also shows the number of times your listing showed up in searches and also the number of times people clicked on “for more info”.

I can create an interesting and engaging Google Places site for your business! Contact us if you need help claiming your Google Places listing.

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