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Why Linkedin Is Perfect For Aboriginal Professionals

 “Success is not just about what you know; it’s about  who you know.”

Linkedin is an online professional network with over 175 million members, including 5 million members in Canada.

Why Join Linkedin?

Google yourself. With LinkedIn you control your online identity.  LinkedIn profiles are first in search results so you control the first impression you make on people searching for you online.

Stay in touch with colleagues and classmates. People change jobs and locations constantly. With LinkedIn, your address book stays up to date and the profiles of your contacts are updated as they keep themselves current.

Find experts. You’ll be amazed how Answers and Groups let you find and network with experts. LinkedIn Search lets find the right people using name, title, company, location, and other keywords that will help you find the knowledge you’re looking for.

Explore opportunities. Looking for a new job, new clients or improved reputation? LinkedIn helps you connect.

Let Me Show You How To Make A Great Profile

I’m Bill Layton, manager of the Chilcotin Silviculture Group, and I have had a profile on Linkedin for about 5 years. In the spring of this year I realized by chance I’d never even finished my profile.

In fact, I looked back on some of my work experiences that seemed negative at the time and didn’t want to write about them. Then I realized that all this experience was part of what makes me a useful human being and professional today. So I completed my profile and started participating in groups.
In the last 6 months I’ve connected with an amazing number of people in my field, even people who I might normally be reluctant to contact directly. I’ve learned to participate in discussion, create polls and get opinions and advice from people I would normally consider well out of my league!

 I’ll Give You The Basics In A One Hour Lunch Session

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Keep a resume online,
  • Download a pdf version of your resume at any time,
  • connect with people in your industry or career group,
  • introduce yourself to potential employers and employees,
  • join groups and participate with others in your field,
  • recommend people you know on Linkedin to others,
  • promote your organization or business.

Best of all, Linkedin is a great way to show yourself and your organization off to the world. If you are proud of what you do at work then Linkedin gives you a chance to show it!

 Why Linkedin Is Perfect for Aboriginal Professionals

Networking means developing contacts over time that you know and trust. It’s about being open to what others in your field are doing and learning from them. You’ll discover the value of networking on Linkedin the next time you take a course or attend an event and realize you’ve met people already on Linkedin.

Once you’ve met on Linkedin it’s easy to walk up and introduce yourself in person!

Groups are a Great Place to Meet and Learn

Linkedin Groups are a great place to connect with other aboriginal professionals. Whatever your goal in your work you’ll find others on the same path seeking the same answers.

Examples of First Nation Groups (and Number of Members)

Aboriginal Community Economic Development 917
Aboriginal Human Resources 1485
Aboriginal Land Stewardship 188
Aboriginal Marketplace 28
Aboriginal Relations Network 2317
Ch’nook Indigenous Business Network 377
Diversity and Cross Cultural Professionals 4003
First Nation Economic Development 103
First Nations Art & Culture Educators 25
First Nations Development Institute 722
First Nations Environmental Health Innovation Netwok 33
First Nations Financial Management Board 33
First Nations Health Managers Association (FNHMA) 6
First Nations Indigenous People in Technology 42
First Nations Information Governance Centre 14
First Nations Wildcrafters BC 11
First Nations Writers 5
Indigenous Artists/Storytellers of Canada 5
Indigenous Economic Development 2000
Indigenous Mapping Network 945
Nation Building for First Nations of Canada 45
Native American & First Nation Alternative Energy Co-op 242
Native American & First Nations Engineers 41
Working Effectively with Aborginal Peoples™ Network 136

Total Membership in These Groups: 13,723!

What You’ll Come Away With

  1. How Linkedin works: You’ll find out how a completed profile will help you build relationships with others in your field, and how to download a ready-to-go resume.
  2. Create your Linkedin profile: How to create a profile that is 100% complete, linked to your organization’s website, and connecting you to others with your skill sets.
  3. Export your profile to a pdf-format resume: Find out how to download a PDF formatted resume that you can attach to emails.
  4. Create a network of connections on Linkedin: contact and connect with people you know, went to school with, or are members of your groups. Stay up to date on their projects while they get to read announcements you make about your own.
  5. Finding and Joining Groups: See why Groups will help you learn, teach, announce and find people doing things that interest you.
  6. Getting Recommendations: Recommend people you know to others and make your own recommendations.
  7. Using Linkedin Mail: Linkedin mail lets you send and receive messages and invitations to others in your network.
  8. Seeking Employment and Employers: Looking for an employer or new employee? Linkedin’s advanced search function lets you narrow the results to hone in on the individuals or businesses you are seeking.
  9. Using Linkedin for Business: Linkedin is a must for business owners. There is so much you can do to promote your business. We’ll cover this briefly but I cover this in more depth in another workshop.

Where It’s Being Held

I will hold the workshop at the Chilcotin Silviculture Group boardroom on the lower floor of the UBC Research Forest office at 72 7th Avenue South (above the Ford Dealership).

What to Bring

  1. laptop with wireless (I’ll provide the wireless internet)
  2. Linkedin Account (set it up before you arrive)
  3. Headshot image of yourself
  4. Your most recent resume
  5. Workshop Dates

What You’ll Get

At the end of the workshop you will

  • have a completed profile,
  • recommendations from others,
  • membership in at least one group
  • the beginnings of a professional network

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Remember: Linkedin Is Not Another Pretty Facebook

Maybe you’re saying to yourself: “this is just one more distraction from work and I don’t need more distractions”

I guarantee you: Linkedin and Facebook are nothing alike.  Facebook is a great site to mix it up with your friends and family, check out pictures and play games. Facebook does not help you advance your career.

Linkedin is ALL about advancing your career!

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